We are most grateful to our benefactors who support our apostolate. Our community is composed of good and sincere priests who are engaged in full-time, advanced studies here in Rome. Many of these priests are members of very poor dioceses. Since 1948 the Convitto has had as its mission to provide a house of prayer and study for priests coming from all parts of the world. We are very dependent on generous benefactors to make up the difference between the sacrifices the dioceses make to support these priests and the daily costs of room and board, and ordinary expenses of utilities and building maintenance.

Please consider a donation toward supporting one of our projects below. Any amount you can contribute towards realizing these projects would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, we are happy to let you know that your donation through the International Dominican Foundation are tax deductible in the United States of America. Here is the link to its Donor's page:

Please remember to add our institution's name in the description: CONVITTO INTERNAZIONALE SAN TOMMASO D'AQUINO. We thank you in advance for your generous gesture.

Pressing projects:

  1. Replace the old electrical systems and cables of the elevators to conform to current electrical codes. Estimated cost: €6380

  2. Replace the present old water system with energy efficient boilers. Estimated cost: €10283

  3. Paint kitchen and dining room (especially the kitchen where the paint is peeling) Estimated cost: €3000

  4. Paint student rooms. Each room would cost about €400.

  5. Replace the old commercial dishwasher in the kitchen. Estimated cost: €9550